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About Keepers

Keepers Coastal Kitchen is brought to you by Chef Amir Hajimaleki and the team behind District Kitchen + Cocktails. The space, food and drinks are inspired by Chef Amir’s Coastal travels from the American coastline all the way to Vietnam. His love of the coast made him realize we really need to create a place where sustainability isn’t just a tag line but a main focus. To do this, he took the time to find the right vendors who also shared his belief, not only where our seafood is being caught, but also how the people catching and processing are being treated.

We take pride in supporting the best American fishermen/women, with special attention on our friends in the Gulf. The restaurant showcases the work of local artists from not only Austin but the coastal towns of Texas creating the nostalgia of being in Port Aransas on a family beach vacation or with friends on a coastal fishing trip. Creating a comfortable atmosphere where everyone can relax and feel like the beach is just outside.

Our seafood-centric menu doesn’t just stop at seafood, we put just as much focus on the turf as we do the surf. Sourcing sustainable and responsibly caught seafood from the best vendors along our coastlines, we have a little bit for the entire family. To have great seafood tomorrow we must take care of our oceans today.

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Keepers Austin
5701 W Slaughter Lane, Building D
Austin, Texas 78749